Prototype – The Best is a dynamic and artistic duo consisting of Promise, Unathi and Lucas from the eastern Cape of South Africa.


Their style and genre of music is a fusion of sounds that include hip-hop, electro and R&B, creating a unique sound that is relevant in today’s demanding market. Their style of music focuses on social aspirations and youthful viewpoints. 


The trio fuse not only their musical talents to create the powerful group but also their skills as well. The production of sound is mainly overseen by group member Tee-H, while Pro-Ike puts his entrepreneurship skills on the table and Tee-ow is the lyrical composer which puts the group among the best that the country has to offer. 


Prototype’s futuristic sound accommodates various genres and therefore appeals to a wider variety in its uniqueness and looks set to take the future by storm as their diversity, uniqueness and skill puts them a shoulder above the rest.