Studio Services | Alto Max Studios

Music Production

We have top talented instrumentalists and beat makers to produce the type of sound that are commercial and radio worthy. Let us help create that perfect music to suit your fanbase's taste.

Recording & Mixing

Our studios boast full production capabilities, including cutting-edge recording technology such as Cubase 9, 27-inch iMac editing screens, Yamaha Montage 8,  Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Workstation.


Our engineers can give your completed mixes that final touch to make them commercially viable and radio ready locally and worldwide.

If you’re looking for a professional Recording Studio with a special type of vibe to help with your recording needs, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with superior quality and service. From the initial ideas to the final product, our team provides guidance and support throughout the entire recording process. We’ll work closely to understand what you want, and provide our variety of top quality recording equipment, instruments, and studio space for you to use. Stop by for a visit and start your next recording project today. Alto Max Studios is owned and operated by Alto Max Recordings.

Artist & Repertoire 

With our extensive background of experience in the global music and media industries, we can provide or facilitate assistance with any and all aspects of an artist's development and career. Although every artist's situation is unique, the various services we offer can include:

  • Consulting on all aspects of any artist's strategic game plan. This can include assisting with the songwriting/recording process, imaging, artwork, biography, press photos, packaging, overall messaging, distribution, audience building, additional revenue streams and navigating the ever changing global music business.

  • Extensive viral/lifestyle marketing consultation - custom fit to the artist's needs.

  • Building awareness via key global broadcast media trendsetter/tastemakers and early adopters at radio (terrestrial, satellite, online), streaming services, music/media blogs and other forms of new media.

  • Referrals to our trusted network of songwriters, music producers, mixers and/or engineers, remixers and mastering engineers to create new material or enhance an artist's original recordings (when needed).

  • Organizing showcases and inviting relevant decision-makers from the music, media and technology communities.

  • Submitting music for synchronization opportunities within film, TV, advertising, brand and videogame campaigns.

  • Facilitating personal introductions to publishers, management firms, lawyers, talent booking/promotion representatives, music supervisors, brands, etc.

Artist Development

Our Artist Development Program bridges the gap between being a recreational, aspiring musician and becoming a professional by teaching the artist what they need in order to create a lucrative, long-lasting career in music.

We help the artist build a commercially viable product, establish a fan base, attain critical music business skills and create well-produced music and videos.

The Artist Development Program has an established blueprint to music success that includes helping the artist gain:

  • Exceptional vocals, musicianship and songwriting skills

  • Genuine Performance Ability

  • Image creation and maintenance

  • Plan of action, goal setting

  • Exceptional promotion materials, including photographs, press releases, and artwork

  • Business management skills

  • Marketing, publicity, and promotion knowledge, online and offline

  • Professional Management

  • Knowledge of recording, producing, engineering, and mastering

  • Knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, and sales online, and radio airplay.

  • Good choices in members, staff, and advisors

  • Physical and mental preparedness

  • Basic knowledge of finances, accounting

  • Law and legal issues: publishing, copyrighting and trademarks

  • Bookings and tours locally, nationally and internationally.

Attending to all areas of your music career may make the difference between a one hit wonder and longevity in this business. We are striving to help you become a business just as much as an artist – the music business is a BUSINESS. And it is important that along with traditional music classes you learn how to make it a career by understanding the latest music business trends and opportunities.